TRANS Series

In 2014, “Honey” has come out a whole new series of mattresses, WHICH is our TRANS series. TRANS series is aim to give you all the combination between technologies in order to brings out a better mattress that you might never ever have any experience on it before. Now, let’s explore the whole new “Transformer-liked” bedding world.


Honey TRANS-VISCO is a whole new “beast” made by Memory Foam and the tradition of our Honey’s springs. It extremely brings out the comfort of the Memory Foam and the professional support of Honey’s spring to the mattress. If you have tried our spring mattress, it is time to “Transform” your spring mattress to our TRANS-VISCO for the Memory foam feel now.

2 inches of high density memory foam is a temperature sensitive, pressure relieving foam which automatically adjusts your body contour and provides you extreme spine support.
“MaxiCool” fabric which makes the mattress always in cool condition and allows the mattress to breathe during your sleep.
5 zones Pocketed Spring which conforms to the shape of your body providing pressure relief and effectively correct postural alignment.
Superior Foam Encasement helps provide a supportive seating edge and maximises the mattress’s sleeping surface.
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