Bonnell Spring

The term “bonnell” itself means to a kind of “spring” used in spring mattress. With using 2.4 mm diameter, each bonnell spring connected by frame and M-Guard made from high quality tempered steel to stabile the mattress.These mattresses have been manufactured using springs units.

A round helical crosswise connects each single spring to a spring unit. Steel springs have been trustworthy in bonnell open mattress to any alternative with scrolled handle that gives strong spring structure. Hence, the number of springs per mattress type is one of the key quality characteristics of a bonnell spring mattress.

Clip Pocketed Spring

Every single spring coils are residence in a ‘pocket’ which indicates all the coils are put into a non-woven bag, and connected to each other into a complete unit. Pocketed spring adopt heat treatment system to the spring to heat-treat the individual coils prior to assembly of the complete unit wire by helical.

The key features of pocketed spring is each wire coil is using Heat Tempered Carbon Steel Wires wrapped woven into each hourglass-shaped wire coil. This is provides the greatest contour compared to other support systems.

Individual Pocket Spring

Individual Pocketed Spring system is unlike the conventional spring systems. It is wrapped in a non-woven and the springs work independently one another. The spring coils are pocketed into individual pockets and sealed to enable them to respond to your every movement independently.

Individual pocketed system is designed by barrel-shaped spring coils to prevent coil entanglement. The flexibility allows the mattress to respond to the precise shape, weight, size and sleeping patterns of any typical body during sleep. This provides the mattress becomes firmness and control compression from external.

Individual pocketed spring does not transfer movement to prevent disturbance. It is because the spring coils instantly respond and conform to the exact unique shape of your body and supports your every curve at every turn. In addition, the coils are individual heat-glued together to form an entire mattress. This is isolated the movement on one side of mattress to minimize disturbance of your partner.

Surrounding pocketed zone spring system

Surrounding zone spring system is zoned so that there is a greater concentration of springs where needed, enabling increase support where weight is concentrated. As compared normal spring mattress, surrounding zone spring system being the hardest. This technology allows your mattress not easily to sink into the bed and no-sag seating edge. The lifespan of mattress indirectly extended.

Continuous Spring

Continuous spring is made from a single length of wire shaped into a system of coils which can bear capacity, rational, jointless, fracture free, sink free and high elasticity. The coils are jointed together across the mattress length, top and bottom, but the top of each coil is free to move independently. In order, numbers of coils are more than normal spring mattress.

Continuous Spring refined with high-quality steel, good elasticity more than normal spring mattress due to it is made from around hourglass shaped springs which are tied together to form a mat. Its fatigue strength and designed based on body weight distribution and backbone positions reputed as "comfortable sleeping spring".
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