7 Zone Pocket Spring System



The 7 zone pocket spring system is designed to support and comfort to your individual body shape. It helps to distribute your body pressure more reasonable and naturally from head to toe, giving you a very comfortable sleep.


Zone 1 : Head & Neck

 • Offering good support for the head and neck, by allowing the softer zone 2 better contouring support for the much wider shoulder area. Often the correct pillow is needed to complement this zone.


 Zone 2 : Shoulder & Upper Back

 • A little softer than zone 1 and much softer than zone 4, allowing correct support and comfort for the much wider and lighter shoulder area.


 Zone 3 : Lumbar

 • Slightly softer than zone 2 and a lot softer than zone 4, this zone allows better support to the concave shapes of the lower back and softer waist area, by increasing the effectiveness of zones 2 and 4.


Zone 4 : Hip

 • This is the firmest zone, required to support the heaviest part of the body. This zone is complimented by the softest zones, 3 & 5, allowing the natural concave shapes of the waist and lighter knee area to be supported correctly.


 Zone 5 : Knee

 • The same density as zone 3, providing softer support for the lighter and under knee area.


Zone 6 : Lower Leg

 • The same density as zone 2, offering soft support for the legs while complementing the softer knee support of zone 5.


Zone 7 : Foot & Ankle

 • The same density as zone 1, providing adequate support for the feet while allowing better support of the lower leg and knee ares of zones 5 & 6.






Superior Support Across Entire Mattress



With individual springs housed in separate fabric pockets, pocket spring is considered to be the best coil support system working independently in isolation regardless of the weight applied on one spring or another, the most advantage of the pocket spring is that it can reduce the partner disturbance greatly.



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