Coolmax Fabric

Coolmax Fabric is a high performance fabric which dries fast compared to other mattress tickings with similar features and balances body moisture. Through this advantage Coolmax minimizes tiredness caused by perspiration during your sleep and maximizes sleep quality thereby providing you with sound sleep.

Key features with Coolmax Fabric
Keep you cool, dry and confortable
Wicks moisture away from your body
Dries quickly
Comfortable thanks to its soft, light, and breathe –through structure
Soft, light weight and breathable comfort.

Edge-Guard Support System

1. Full-perimeter Edge-Guard offers a firm seating edge and added stability.
2. A dense foam construction around the perimeter of the spring unit. This edge to edge support allows you to sleep right up to the edge of the mattress without buckling.
3. Increase 10% to 20% usable sleeping surface and no-sag seating edge to extend lifespan of mattress.
4. All -round stability designed to eliminate pressure points due to its firmness goes from edge to edge, across the entire surface. This is reinforced by a steel rod, which goes around the edge of the mattress.
5. Edge bounded by foam boxed construction to prevent disturbance of body movement even sleep from edge to edge throughout the entire night.
6. Firms up the sides of the mattress for stability while sitting and extends the sleeping surface of the mattress all the way to the edge.

Extreme Spinal System

1. A thicker layer to support and contour your shoulder, back and spine (the area that holds the heaviest part of your body).
2. Protects your spinal cord and allows you to stand and bend easily
3. Provide you with the correct level of spinal support.
4. Extra firm support at your back and lower back ensures your lumbar is properly supported.
5. Reduces pressure points on the back and shoulder muscles.
6. Reduce back pain and release stiffness.
7. Allow the spine and joints to rest in their natural positions, causing the lease possible stress on muscles and nerves.
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